Saving Oodles of Money feels Good

Saving oodles of money is always a hit. When we are saving oodles of money, we feel like we are WINNING and that makes us feel good. Really good.

Here are some WINS of late:

A coffee thermos.

DH and I are on the road with jobs a lot. We are extremely grateful to gas stations with nice bathrooms and a friendly policy of fast food restaurants allowing non costumers to use their restrooms. But they KNOW that when we walk in and smell delicious smells, well that policy pays off!

One of our WINS in this dept is a thermos.

DH leaves the house with a Yeti cup full of coffee but he will be gone for 6-10 hours, depending on his day. He loves coffee.   
He is often suckered into grabbing a cup. While he is there, that donut or sausage biscuit sure looks good…you know the drill. The very nice $40 Thermos came into our lives last week. It has paid for itself already. No more grabbing a coffee on the road.  If you fill it before hand with hot hot hot water, dump it out and add coffee, It will be extremely hot when you get around to opening it! WIN.

Now he only has to resist the sausage biscuit on a bathroom break. 

Republic Wireless 

We switched to this cell phone company for our phones and service at the suggestion of Mr Money Mustache 4 years ago. We have never looked back. Recently they switched policy so that you can bring in any phone for their service. You keep your phone number too. We pay $25 month EACH for everything. Seriously. I want for NOTHING. I get all the data I need. Granted, I do not watch movies on my phone. But I don’t need to. If you do, well, you may need to spend $150 a month for that privilege. The rest of us just need to call/text/google/bank/gps/solitaire/facebook/grocery app, sending gifs of cats fighting at Xmas, etc. 

I paid over $200 to get out of my AT&T contract back in the day and have never looked back.

Quick Math:

I pay $25 month or $300 year for my phone (Motorola G4plus but any phone works on their plans).

My friends/family who have Verizon pay $150 month or $1,800 a year for the phone service.

Switch y’all! It is like a big fat raise!                

Click here to learn more. I do not get any benefit from this, fyi.

Dinner for Lunch

Unless it is really hot out, I hate a cold lunch. Lunch cheers me up every day. Even if I am in a good mood, lunch puts me in a better mood. If I am in a bad mood, I need a good lunch.

I went out for lunch every day for years. I kind of felt like I deserved it. When I have had jobs I hated and had not yet found the next one, I HAD to get out of there. Lunch was the answer. Sadly, that choice contributed to me being there even longer. Without back up money (or F U money as many like to call it), you can’t go anywhere. You are stuck. My answer? Make a hot lunch.

I make dinner most nights. If I just make extra and store it in a microwave safe container, I can heat it up at work. Hot lunch? YES.

Now, get out and go for a walk and plan out how that:

$9 you just saved x 5 days = $45 week or

$ $180 month or $540 over 3 months or

$2,160 a year!

That can mean all the difference in the WORLD for you to start making changes in your life. No microwave at work? See thermos at #1.

Little things DO add up!

How many times have you bought some little thing and the angel on your shoulder said “put that back, you are trying to save money” and the devil on the other shoulder said

“it is $3.49 for cripes sake. You work hard. Live a little!”.     

Well the devil is WRONG.

$3.49 times 365 = $1,273.85. that is only if you do this $3.49 once a day! I for one would make this poor decision 3-4 times per DAY!

“You guys, let’s get a coffee drink! $5.69. “I”ll buy for everyone!” $16.47.

“I hate my job. After work, Let’s go get nachos ($4.99) and beers” ($6.19 plus tip $2) = $13.18.

“You are so nice to buy me a beer! Let me buy you one” which turns into 3 more $9.28.

“Now I can’t drive home. I’ll Uber. I am responsible!” $11.00. (You did just save $10,000 for avoiding a DUI conviction).

These are examples of a real Saturday where I had to work. I just spent $ 49.93 in ONE day.

Say I only make these kinds of decisions on Saturdays.

There are 52 Saturdays in a year or $ $2,596.

Little things DO add up.

You NEED F U money.

Don’t fritter it away with beers, lunch out, coffee drinks. Build it up! 

You think a coffee drink makes you feel better?

Dude, $2,596 in your account will make you feel WAAAAY better! I promise.


Do you have any money saving tips to share? How do you feel when you have money in the bank vs no money?

Here are some links to what I was talking about above if ya need ’em.

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  • I refuse to buy coffee and have a nice travel mug to bring it from home. My phone is Virgin Mobile for which I pay $30/month. I make a big meal for Sunday dinner and fridge/freeze the leftovers for lunches. Being self employed and on a tight budget for a long time, I am very careful with money. Movies and books come from the library, I’ve never had cable tv and I drove my car for 24 years. I’m thankful for my money skills especially now that the only income is mine.

    • Virginia, great skills you have cultivated. We never know when our skills will be really put to the test, losing one (or more) income is hard but practicing money skills can make hard times not as hard.

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