Resource Alert! The Simple Path to Wealth

Here is a Resource Alert for y’all.. The book “The Simple Path to Wealth” comes HIGHLY recommended on all the other financial lifestyle blogs out there. 

J L Collins book

The Simple Path to Wealth

This book  has a Yuge # of stars and recommendations on Amazon.

The author is J.L. Collins and he has a marvelous blog over at

I really enjoy his blog and the foreword to the book is by Mr. Money Mustache, also a great blog for learning how to get your financial house in order, so high hopes.

We just learned this book is on order at our local library! Hooray!!!!!!!

Regardless, I am jumping in and buying my own copy.

Wait, what? WHY?

Well, a couple of reasons:

  1. I rarely buy books. IF I buy a book it is only because it is a resource that I anticipate I will write in, read numerous times, and use as a reference. I understand this is one of those books.
  2. I want to support the author. I confess I feel this way often but rarely go out on that limb. I am pretty much never going to buy a non-fiction book. Hello! That is why God invented the Library. I have been known to buy a book that the library doesn’t have, read it and then donate it.
  3. Normally, I don’t want the clutter. If the library can manage the space, let ’em. I have one large and one small bookcase and I aim to keep it that way. The books on these cases are the ones I turn to again and again. No pressure J.L. Collins!
  4. I understand this is the book for a real live map of getting yer finances working for you. Something we all MUST do. We are behind on this task. Most of my friends are behind here too. We gotta do this.

I will post a review as soon as I’ve finished.

Have you read The Path to Simple Wealth by JL Collins? If so, Do tell!

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