Pay yourself first (with an added twist)

If you are a fan of finance books and blogs then you have seen the old and wise adage, “pay yourself first”. This means, put that money you have earmarked for savings into savings before anything else happens. If you wait, it winds up getting whittled away with this and that.

How many times have you meant to put some money aside for Christmas or save for vacation and you keep winding up with nothing left from that paycheck? This is why the automatic savings with direct deposit from your employer is a game changer. If you haven’t set that up yet, do so and watch your life improve vastly.  

FYI, Pay yourself first” does not mean “Take yourself out to dinner before meeting your obligations”. It means the money intended to improve your life must be first. Even if it’s only $5-10.

So, here’s the twist: I think we should look at our time as a similar, finite, but manageable resource.

If I intend to go to the gym, work on my blog or my side hustle, but first go home from work then my intention will easily get lost in the chaos of the day. My intentions were great but life happened.

Just like putting your money to work for you before anyone else, do the same with your time. This is “Pay yourself first with a twist”. The “twist” is your time.  

I am fresh in the morning.

No distractions (as long as I don’t look at my phone! Big No no…I’m down that rabbit hole faster than  than a cheesy poof in the hands of Cartman.) 

So I give my freshest best time to ME.

I used to waste this time. I’d look at the news online, I’d read some blogs, I’d even play Wordscape (don’t play it, you will give up years of your life – addictive!)

Now, I start with something like meditation, journaling. then I set the timer for 30 min and work on my blog. 

Not inspired to write? I’ll read articles about making blogs better. there is a LOT of helpful material out there. The learning curve is not overwhelming to start a blog but you can spend the rest of your life learning the details of the blog technical aspects and all the marketing resources and still have more to go.

After that, I start my day with a to-do list (still working on me, my family, my home) and eat breakfast. Then a walk with the husband. THEN I look at headlines, plan my work day, move into “everything else”.

We do keep going to the gym to after work as we don’t like to rush the gym. It “usually” works.

How about you? Do you allocate your time to your best interest?

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