Matching pajamas for Xmas

I got a wild hair that I wanted to get the grand-kids matching pajamas for Xmas. Wouldn’t it be fun if DH and I matched the kids too?. Wonderful! I knew the kids would get a kick out of us all wearing matching PJs. (The oldest is 10. The idea of this being cute has an expiration date I realize.)

I hopped on Google and typed in “matching family pajamas”. Up came Pajamagram, The Country store and Target.

WOW. Gulp, you can spend a lot on pajamas. Ladies PJs at Pajamagram started at $60. The Country store were $50. Target were $20 BUT they looked like they were cheap and not flannel.

I am sure the first two were very good quality (they had better be!). I also know the grand-kids are growing like weeds and so these would be outgrown before they were worn out. DH and I usually wear Old Navy flannel pants and t-shirts to bed. Definitely nothing close to those prices. I added up the totals for Pajamagram and it came in at $259 for all. Double gulp.

The Country store got down to $150 with some online coupons. I gave up on Target as I knew I wouldn’t wear them.  

Time to go back to the drawing board.

I like quality clothes. I don’t like cheap crap and I don’t like old, worn out things. But I really like a healthy bank account. I work on a balance. I have bought brand new work clothes at Anne Taylor. I have also bought LOTS of work clothes at Clothes Mentor and a nearby good thrift store.

I have bought the grand-kids clothes at Target. They go through clothes like water. They really are growing fast. Their mom does a great job of working through a consignment shop for them but with three kids, it is a lot of work on her. So Target and Old Navy are often her back up plan.

Meanwhile, while doing this online shopping, there is another open tab on my computer. We are doing the homework for the “Uber Frugal Month” by Frugalwoods. Lots of thoughts on how you spend and why. I got the realization that these expensive jammies were in no way part of our values.

The work we are doing on this Uber Frugal month is timely. I can lose my mind at Xmas and apparently so can everyone else. Having to pause and think about we want out of this time of year, what we want out of our money we work hard for and what we want down the road matters. Little choices we make now can snowball into crippling debt or compound interest that makes us sing with Joy!.

I was reminded that Losing-my-Mind-at-Xmas can really set us back. I don’t want to go back.

But we budgeted for it!

We finally got it together a few years ago and started saving in our Capitol 360 bank account for Christmas. This account allows us to line item different accounts and have money come into them from our main checking account where our paychecks deposit. I always up the deposits in the Christmas account around August and the money in there will cover gifts, a tree, decorations for house/tree, new lights, special foods, possible travel, etc. There IS enough money in there for the jammies. But it will take more than half of the money. Is it worth it?

Yes, all of us in matching PJs would have made an adorable picture and the kids do need pajamas. But at that price, well, we could do so many fun things with that! After much thought,  I nixed it.

We are working on gift ideas that are investments. We think of investments for the kids as learning tools and experiences that help them grow into responsible successful adults.

  • Bikes
  • lessons of some type
  • trips (fun + experiential/learning)
  • tools-musical instruments, sports equipment, etc.

Hello, they still need pajamas!

I realized the clincher here is the “matching” part. By insisting on having matching PJs for five people, we are looking at a huge outlay of cash and 99% positive we won’t find them all at any discount or thrift store because they have to match! If we simply drop the “matching” part and get the kids jammies for Xmas, we open up lots of doors to keep things in line with our financial values.

The latest idea is to buy long underwear from target and have a Tie-dying session. They would really enjoy that.


What are you struggling with regarding decisions about holiday shopping?




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