Family Xmas Journal

Every year, I update a Family Xmas Journal. I start at Thanksgiving and continue through Xmas. Usually wrapping up by New Years. It is an update of where we are and what we are doing. Who has what job, moved, a new marriage, divorces, deaths, births, significant life events, and what we ate for each meal and who brought what. I like to know that. Just who I am.

I started it in 2003. I am stunned when I re-read it what all has happened and what we have forgotten. I read it out loud at certain gatherings. Some of the family is very interested. Some not so. Those not interested tend to drift to the TV or outside during updates. Cool. The grandkids are very interested in hearing it, especially when they are mentioned. Actually most people perk up when they are mentioned. Pretty normal.

I wish I had started this earlier. The degree that my brain thinks it will remember things vs actuality is pathetic. It has solved a few arguments too. What year we moved or so and so did such and such. I’m often tempted to update it throughout the year but that always fall by the wayside. Some years it is a real struggle to get just thanksgiving and Xmas, done so I’ll stick with what works.

Here is a picture of mine.

This year I did my usual writing and updates. I finished it with a hike on Dec 26 we took the grand-kids on. We went to a beach state park near us. It was cold so we bundled up. In a back pack we brought:

  • water
  • apples
  • thermos of hot cocoa
  • sticks for building a small fire
  • lighter
  • dryer lint to start fire (the best fire starter!)
  • marshmallows (large for roasting)

The kids generally love to get outside and do something as they live in an apartment. When they found out we were going to build a fire, have cocoa and roast marshmallows, they were over the moon! Times like these I include in the Xmas journal. Once again I am reminded that a lot happens through the year that I would really enjoy documenting……….I know me. It ain’t gonna happen!

Do you have a Family Xmas Journal or a way you document your family traditions? If so, how?




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  • I love the Christmas journal! I would never remember some of the good times without a written record. I hope future generations read it and are amused. I also like our book where we write down details of purchases big and small. It is good to have a record of when the stove was bought or how long certain shoes lasted!

  • I LOVE this idea! How many pages does it usually wind up being per year?

    • Generally 2 for Thanksgiving, 3-4 for the rest of the time of year. IF I am good about writing. A few times the whole thing has been maybe 3 pages. I always regret that.

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