About Me

Hey there! Welcome to I Heart Tightwads!

We’re here to help you navigate the journey of

  • living on less,
  • saving money,
  • retirement with perhaps little to no money, and
  • living a better and healthy life

We are a husband and wife team on a fascinating journey towards retirement as we are in our 50s with almost no retirement savings.  We are learning tips and tricks and sharing what we learn as we barrel down the road. We are having fun and living a good life, along with some excellent food.

We changed gears a few years ago and are currently saving over 50% of our income yet still have no idea if we will be able to retire at all. 

If you are worried about retirement, debt, being able to work for the rest of your life, join us! Let’s figure this out together.

This blog documents our journey from one year’s worth of retirement to actual retirement (if we get there!). We’re learning along the way–and will write about the path in detail.  We want to share it  and learn while learning what you know.

What is a Tightwad anyway?

We were greatly influenced by Amy Dacyczyn’s books compiling her newsletter “The Tightwad Gazette”. They shared tips and tricks for frugal living that were life changing to us.

She embraced the label “tightwad” as  a “person who is not willing to spend money”. Simply not spending and finding alternatives can have a massive impact and we have experienced it.  


Fast forward to the Great Recession. We lost all of our retirement during this tumultuous time. We are back on track but lost the power of compound interest growing over decades. We discovered WE ARE NOT ALONE. Continuing to live frugally has helped us get back to a level playing field but we cannot deny age is real and we are now in our 50s…with only one year of retirement savings in the bank. Working until we die is a game plan for many but it may not work. We are looking at the alternatives and learning and sharing what we discover.

Talk to us!

Contact us and tell us what you are up against and what you have learned. Let’s share our resources and if we don’t have to re-invent the wheel, hell, let’s avoid it! We have better things to do with our time as we experience the changes aging hands us.